The Ooks of Hazzard CD

10 song CD in shrink wrapped ECO Jacket.

$15 + ($3 Shipping within the US).

  1. Waiting (Marshall, Diaz, Hildebrand)
  2. Tumbleweed (Diaz, Marshall, Hildebrand)
  3. Smile Like A Baby (Hildebrand, Diaz, Marshall)
  4. Subterranean Homesick Alien (Radiohead)
  5. Redneck Mother (R. W. Hubbard)
  6. Kids (Goldwasser, VanWyngaeden)
  7. Beautiful World (Casale, Mothersbaugh)
  8. Going To California (Page, Plant)
  9. Tyrusian Lullaby (Marshall, Diaz, Hildebrand)
  10. Bright Lights (J. Reed)