The Band


The Ooks of Hazzard were formed in March of 2010 at a local open mic jam session in Venice Beach CA . Gathering  local musicians, they recorded a live video cover of MGMT’s “Kids” in April 2010. The video went viral almost immediately and continues to get many views on You Tube. The Ooks can be seen performing at various local venues, festivals and charity fundraiser events nationwide. The Ooks perform Originals and covers of songs you wouldn’t expect to hear on ukuleles.

“What The Ooks Of Hazzard lack in marketable style, exorbitant youthfulness, and unrelenting buzz, they make up for in ukuleles.”

Current Band Members

Charlie Diaz – Vocals, Tenor Uke
Patrick Hildebrand – Vocals, Tenor (low G) and Baritone Ukes
Ed Marshall – Tenor Uke
Rick Torres – Bass Uke
Nick Deane – Vocals, Tenor (low G) Uke
Sam Morrow – Vocals, Baritone Uke
Matt Tecu – Drums
Anthony Tiny Biuso – Drums
Patrick Murphy – Cajon
Mrs. Hobbs – Vocals, Accordion 

Past Members

Jay Ponti – Vocals, Tenor Uke
Meredith MacArthur – Vocals, Concert Uke
Timm Freeman – Vocals, Bass Uke
Danny Kopel – Accordion (RIP)
Dave Botkin – Cajon
Miles Joseph (RIP)